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For agents and publishers: About The Peripatetic Papers: A Memoir

Concept Overview

For twenty years, Annis Pratt lived the peripatetic life of a commuting professor, flying back and forth over Lake Michigan every weekend from the University of Wisconsin in Madison to Detroit, where her husband taught at Wayne State University. Although The Peripatetic Papers is about her quirky lifestyle, it is less of an academic biography than a travel memoir in humorous diary mode.  In addition to chapters about teaching in Wisconsin and Van Winklish visits to New York City, she recounts trips to Indianapolis, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto, and London.


Two of the stories from The Peripatetic Papers have been published: “The Fool in Academe” in the Spring 1998 Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association; and “My Menopause” in the Spring Equinox 2001 Crone Chronicles.

The manuscript is complete and ready for submission.  Pratt is also marketing an eco-fiction series, Infinite Games. Her most recent autobiographical essays are a chapter to Florence Howe’s Feminist Press edition, The Politics of Women’s Studies: Testimonies from 30 Founding Mothers(2000), and the lead article in the Fall/Winter 2002 Women’s Studies Quarterly.