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Claude Forthomme


On  “Trump, the Republican Party, and the Attack on the U.S. Capitol”

“Annis, this is great, I love it! I was in the process of writing an article about the situation in America (I’m really, really worried about the possibility of civil war – the trends look that bad, at least seen from here in Europe!) So I’m so very happy you came through with this brilliant article, I love the conclusion on “Our Job in the Face of Continuing Toxicity”

On “Granular Politics: The Nitty-Gritty of Participatory Democracy”

I love the article, very interesting, I was fascinated – this finally explains some things that had puzzled me, for example, the huge percentage of votes that came in early via mail. I was wondering how that was achieved, now I know thanks to you!

Claude ForthommeSenior EditorImpakter