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The Infinite Games Series:

  1. The Marshlanders, 2010.  Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iUniverse.
  2. Fly Out of the Darkness,  Kindle E Book, 2012. Available from Amazon.
  3. The Road to Beaver Mill, Manuscript Ready for Publication
  4. The Battle for the Black Fen, Manuscript Ready for Publication

Dancing With Goddesses.  Archetypes, Poetry, and Empowerment.  Indiana University Press, l994.  Paperback and Hardback.  Overseas distributor: Open University Press.  Outstanding Academic Book of the Year Award from Choice.

Archetypal Patterns in Women’s Fiction.  Indiana University Press, l981. Paperback and Hardback.  English Edition with the Harvester Press. First Prize for Book Length Non-Fiction Prose, the Council for Wisconsin Writers 1981.

Dylan Thomas’ Early Prose: A Study in Creative Mythology.  The University of Pittsburgh Press, Critical Essays in Modern Literature Series, l970.

Selected Articles

Affairs with Bears.  Some Notes Towards Feminist Archetypal Hypotheses for Canadian Literature,  anthologized by Barbara Godard, ed., Gynocritique, Essays in Canadian Writing Press, 1987, pp. 157-178.

Medusa in Canada:  Some Examples of Feminist Archetypal Theory. Centennial Review, Winter, 1987, pp. 1-32.

The Female Hero, anthologized in Christine Downing, ed., Mirrors of the Self: Archetypal Images that Shape Your Life.  Tarcher Press, Los Angeles, l987, pp. 213-218.  Spinning Among Fields:  New Directions in Feminist Archetypal Theory, anthologized in Rupprecht and Lauter, eds., New Directions in Feminist Archetypal Theory, University of Tennessee Press, 1985, pp. 93-136;  and (excerpted) in Richard P. Sugg, ed., Jungian Literary Criticism, Northwestern University Press, 1992,153-166.

Lupine Pedagogy- Teaching Virginia Woolf to Terrified Students, anthologized in Neverow-Turk and Hussey, eds., Virginia Woolf: Themes and Variations, Pace University Press, 1994.

Demeter, Persephone, and the Pedagogy of Archetypal Empowerment, anthologized in Christine Downing, ed., The Long Journey Home, Shambhala Press, Boston, l994.

Women’s Studies and Me: Empowerment and Activism. Women’s Studies Quarterly XXX # 3 and 4 (Fall/Winter 1999).

Imploding Marginality. Florence Howe, Ed. The Politics of Women’s Studies: Testimony from Thirty Founding Mothers. New York: The Feminist Press, 200

Twenty Years To the Lighthouse: A Teaching Voyage. Beth Rigel Daugherty and Mary Beth Pringle, Eds. Approaches to Teaching Woolf’s To the Lighthouse.  New York: MLA, 2001.

Then and Now in Women’s Studies: My Pedagogical Bequest. Women’s Studies Quarterly XXVII #3 and 4 Fall/Winter 2002.

Editing and Journalism

Doris Lessing: Critical Studies.  Co-Editor with L.S. Dembo,.  University of Wisconsin Press, 1974.

As We See It Now.  Founding Editor, (Newsletter for the Detroit Chapter of the National Organization for Women).

Concerns. (Newsletter for the Women’s Caucus of the Modern Languages) Co-Editor.

Dancing Through the Mine Fields, reflections on Women’s Lives in Academe Column,, simultaneously published in NWSAction, the Newsletter of the National Women’s Studies Association, 1982-present (collected as Dancing Through the Mine Fields, columns for Concerns 1982-1992, as NWSA Legal Fund Promotional Booklet.

The Strategist: Tips and Tactics for Women Faculty. Editor for the Academic Discrimination Advisory Board of the National Women’s Studies Association.

The Sort Report: Newsletter for Supporters of Regional Transportation. Editor Detroit Metropolitan Area.

Simple Acts: Notes about Voluntary Simplicity, Editor.

Recent Features

The Fool in Academe, The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association v. 31, #3 (Spring 1998).

My Menopause, or, Suffering from Spiritual Growth. Crone Chronicles. #46 (Spring Equinox 2001).

Selected Poetry

Deliverance, in Madison Review, Spring 1987.

September, from The Wingra Symphony, in Loonfeather, Bemidji, MN, spring/summer l992.

Lake Mendota Increments.  Loonfeather, Bemidji, MN.

Seen From a Canadian Train. Loonfeather, Bemidji, MN

Largo, With Wild Fishes from The Wingra Symphony.  The Bridge, Oak Park, Michigan, l994.

Mothers of Sons, and To My Gynecologist: A Warning, Imbolc in Beulah, Michigan, in Glimpses of Grace, Ed. Grant, Hackett-Evans, Hillman and Sanders. Chapin-Crane: 1997.