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This picture shows the island villages of the Ma'dan, Iraqi fisher-hunter-gatherers whose self-sufficient wetlands Saddam Hussein drained. Kenneth Posner's "The Long Brown Path:
  If you asked me what my favorite bird is, I would probably say the crow — all that intelligence,
I have called this blog, “The Worlds We Long For” to ask how we can create communities more in harmony
I am having the winter blahs; how about you? Although we've had an open winter without a whole lot of
When you are writing speculative environmental fiction about future worlds (as in the solarpunk and cli-fi genres) you embellish present-day
Did you know that the chambered nautilus, unfurling in iridescent spirals, was “one of the first shapes in nature to
Funny Jokes? Charades? Wild Dancing? Silly Games?  Feeling Foolish? People have always used winter holidays to set seriousness aside and act silly. Games like "Peanut Butter"
I don’t preach when I write fiction: it’s all derring-do and story telling. But, just once, I let Father Robin
My original encounters with eels were not pleasant. My mother, fond of roasted eel, liked me to catch them for
  When a schooner shifts and then tacks into the wind, heeling steeply, how does it feel down below? “Clare woke
Dystopian novelists create worlds so deep in disaster that, by targeting the horrors, they nudge their readers to think about better solutions,  You wouldn't think it,
Exploring the blogosphere last week, I found a forum sponsored by Science Fiction and Fantasy World  on a whole new genre –
When we think of nature as paradise, we envision our ideal first home, the Garden of Eden, in all of its
Once I suspended my descriptions of ideal communities every couple of chapters to insert thoroughly bad goings on, I found
“Bring your evil closer in,” remarked my agent. “You are keeping it too much at a distance.” “You need to
Review of Sharman Apt Russell, Diary of a Citizen Scientist: Chasing Tiger Beetles and Other New Ways of Engaging the
As far as children are concerned, adults belong to another species entirely, possessed with this crazy idea that that children
  Do you remember games you played when you were a child? I looked forward to recess so much that
I must be the only writer in the world to finish two novels with no idea  what genre I was writing! However,
Ever since the summer when I was nine years old and my family lived on a boat moored in a