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I am very honored to be asked to write for a sophisticated European online magazine,  Impakter. The editors cover a
In cold grey Michigan's early February it was definitely winter, but my British nature sites were all tweeting away about
It all began the first time I heard them calling back and forth to each other in the  northern Michigan
"Where are Mom and Dad," my daughters used to ask each other. "Oh, just diddly-pecking." That was their word for
On the front page of my web site I described Bethany leaping off a cliff into a gale. With the
Ordinarily, it is Turkey Panic that afflicts me at this time of year, but it was Cyber Panic that got
Last week we left Frodo walking fearfully toward the dread Land of Mordor. This week we find ourselves on a  perilous journey,
In J.R.R. Tolkien's wonderful series, The Lord of the Rings, a little hobbit named Frodo carries the ring of power through all
"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party." Does anyone remember this
The Prairie Fellowship, a beloved Unitarian community that provided me in anchor in my peripatetic years, used to spend a weekend every October in the
“What am I going to do about my sister,” a friend of mine complained. “She thinks that God gave us
"And was Jerusalem builded here/Among these dark Satanic mills?"  William Blake I think a lot about global warming and climate catastrophe
    Annis Pratt’s Review of Merrickville Days by elliewilson One of my former professors at the University of Wisconsin, now
The internet is a wondrous place: when I began publishing my blog "The Worlds I Long For" just a year ago I wanted
It is hard to act on climate change when its impacts reduce us to feelings of hopelessness and doom, the kind
I am always interested in the fellow mammals who share our northwest Michigan river property. My frisson at the rare appearances
I have a cottage on the Betsie River in Northwest Michigan, with a dock upriver and swimming stairs further down. 
There are Nature Walks, where you explain things to people (see above, me explaining things on the left) and others that
When I sat down to write The Marshlanders I had been canoeing and kayaking for years and taking lots of
Most of us know that if we want our characters to leap off the page into our readers' heads, we need to