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There is a chapter in my (tattered and torn) Winnie the Pooh when it rains and rains and rains until Piglet
I have always loved the fog, especially after bright hot August days in Maine when it rolled in from the Atlantic and the
Water Is...The Meaning of Water by Nina Munteanu. Pixel Press 2016 Are you fascinated by what goes on in the
  Of course there is a battle: this novel I am working on is called The Battle for the Black Fen.
By this time most summers, I expect my living to be easy - keeping up with my correspondence, a blog here and
Now comes that time of year, midsummer approaching, when my sights turn from Niebuhrian incongruities, the capitalism/commons paradox and even
Coming a close second to Gerard Manley Hopkins' spring poem I wrote about last week is e.e. cumming's #65 (he had an anarchistic
I have always loved poetry, and I have always loved spring. Far and away my favorite poem in the world is Gerard
Have you heard about Shinrin - the Japanese practice of forest bathing? I have always known that Japanese people like to saunter
When I was very little, I would wake in the middle of the night convinced that there was a monster under
One white person talking with another seems so insignificant amid the vast historic racism in the United States, but I
I am very honored to be asked to write for a sophisticated European online magazine,  Impakter. The editors cover a
In cold grey Michigan's early February it was definitely winter, but my British nature sites were all tweeting away about
It all began the first time I heard them calling back and forth to each other in the  northern Michigan
"Where are Mom and Dad," my daughters used to ask each other. "Oh, just diddly-pecking." That was their word for
On the front page of my web site I described Bethany leaping off a cliff into a gale. With the
Ordinarily, it is Turkey Panic that afflicts me at this time of year, but it was Cyber Panic that got
Last week we left Frodo walking fearfully toward the dread Land of Mordor. This week we find ourselves on a  perilous journey,
In J.R.R. Tolkien's wonderful series, The Lord of the Rings, a little hobbit named Frodo carries the ring of power through all
"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party." Does anyone remember this