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Last summer I wrote an essay about whether climate warming will cause the extinction of the human species, so when I came across an
Red Bees Henry David Thoreau felt that he would become “the laughing stock of the scientific community” if he tried
You would think that when I am at my river cottage in Northern Michigan I would sit back, close my eyes, and relax.  I have
I have discovered that many creatures have already adapted to climate warming  - I just read about a bird population in an
At the very end of On the Origin of Species, after a lifetime of nature observation and discovery, Charles Darwin
WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHITEFISH? Review of Dan Egan, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes. W.W. Norton: New York,
  I had a break on Florida's Sanibel Island from our Michigan snow, sleet, and polar cold  early this April .
 It is spring again, and I am slinging my binoculars around my neck to look for warbler “fall outs," when
  In my recent blog about furry little Pitas  and their trouble coping with rising temperatures,  I wondered whether they might develop thinner coats in time to
My old friend Helen Klebesadel created this vision of "Nature Rising" in watercolor. "In this painting," she explains, "the flying crow
There is no question that global warming and habitat degradation have led to the decline of natural abundance, and that
After  Christmas's Baroque extravagance of  gold and red and tinsel and splendid carols and Messiahs are over,  the simplicity of Michigan's deep
Now the dark is upon us. The late afternoons are suddenly devoid of light, plunging our spirits into an ancient human fear that
I often asked myself this question when my soul shuddered down the mute corridors of my academic department, where a heavy silence always
Dear Blog subscribers: This is my Press Release for The Battle For the Black Fen with a slightly different emphasis
I have always loved Geoffrey Chaucer's send off to Troilus and Criseyde:  "Go, lytl book, go, litel myn tragedye" (go little
There is a chapter in my (tattered and torn) Winnie the Pooh when it rains and rains and rains until Piglet
I have always loved the fog, especially after bright hot August days in Maine when it rolled in from the Atlantic and the
Water Is...The Meaning of Water by Nina Munteanu. Pixel Press 2016 Are you fascinated by what goes on in the
  Of course there is a battle: this novel I am working on is called The Battle for the Black Fen.