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A Review of Michael Schur, How to be Perfec: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question. New York: Simon and
It is so hard to pick up my newspaper in the morning and read nothing but horror stories! Here is
Have you heard about courts endowing nature entities like rivers, wetlands, and even rice as "persons" with inherent rights? I
The tight little Snowdrop buds poking on stalwart green stems through the hard-packed snow tell me that spring is arriving,
DEAR SOCRATIANS For many years, I have been facilitating a Socrates Café © at our local library, where people ask
Do you have trouble making decisions? Have you tried a Pro and Con list? Tossed a Coin? Loaded your Evidence
After the gatherings and feasting and general jollity of Christmastime, it is traditional to prepare for the stark winter months
Have you ever been knocked off your feet by joy?  I don’t mean the moment when you spot your long-absent
It grows darker and darker now, for longer and longer.  The sun sets as early as 5 in the afternoon,
My New Impakter Article on the CRT Controversy There is a right way and a wrong way to teach the
"We may not have wings or leaves" like our fellow created beings, writes Botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer in Braided Sweetgrass,
I have long been a foe of either/or thinking, a logic that takes binaries as inevitably oppositional, with no compromise
I wrote this article earlier this month just before the Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre was widely publicized:   Meritocracy:
When I came to Birmingham for the first time in 1958, I thought the local newpaper was named The Birmingham
We all got up to weird pursuits during the pandemic, so I don't think my sudden obsession with set forms
Dear Blog Subscribers, After the riots on January 6, intended to stop our process of confirming Joe Biden's election and
Dear Blog Subscribers, This is my blog version of an article that was published in this morning: : My
Riddle me this: What is only a few millimeters long with a transparent body like a gossamer willow leaf, is
In the spring, I still had a sense of humor.  I could write comic pieces about how my mask frightened
Dear Blog Subscribers, Back in February 2019 (in what seems now another century!) I posted a blog on Making Political