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 One night last week, self-isolation blues were getting to me, so I went to look at the stars. There was
We are all locked up in our houses now – well, not exactly locked up, though it feels like it
There is a silence to winter that is a being in and of itself. If you still the chatter in
When I sat down to read the cartoon issue of the New Yorker with my nice, hot cup of strong
Dear Friends, There is so much downheartedness in reading the news about climate disasters, ecosystem collapse, and species destruction that
  On the night after the first Trump Impeachment Hearing, I picked up Jonathan Coe’s 2018 Middle England. It is
In a time when species are declining, oceans are rising, and our whole planet is threatened by global warming, we
                                         Mouse Menace  Every spring, when I arrive at my northwestern Michigan cottage, I have to roust dozens of deer
As I get older, I sometimes treat myself to an upgrade when I travel— a slightly better (though far from
  “You went to Washington how? By train? I didn’t know people still did that,” my friends often ask, to which
I consider myself the last person to eco-boss my friends around.  I don’t like  it when greener-than thou people chide me for
 I was walking along a path in Michigan’s Ludington State Park when I came across a couple leaning close to
I have a Twitter account but, far from engaging in embittered political crosstalk, I enjoy it for some weird little
I am fascinated by the way, throughout most of our historical development, we human beings  have found ways to share our resources for the common
We have had such a hard, hard winter – not piles and piles of snow, but cold and wet and
With  thanks  to  Cousin  Sarah  for  her  home  made  sausage  photo “What’s needed now is research on tactics and strategies
Are you concerned with our environment but are not a political joiner? Do you love nature and want to learn
"And was Jerusalem builded here, among these dark Satanic Mills," queried poet William Blake in dismay at the destruction that
When I was getting ready for college, I expected that everyone would be sitting around under the trees discussing Plato.
A Gerontologist was helping me register at the Gerontological Association Convention in Boston.  "I'm 81," I remarked. "Don't you know,"