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For the past month, I have been receiving Facebook posts with excerpts from the late American writer James Baldwin's essays
When we grow up in a specific cultural group, we tend to assume that it is the only one there
One of the things that sets our teeth on edge these days is the assumption that we are citizens of
Trundling along through old age this winter, I was pleased to discover that Diana Athill wrote her memoir, Somewhere Towards
My late husband, Henry Pratt and I, had quite an effective political partnership: I would participate in (or found) in
All through elementary school, we had a spelling teacher named Miss Affleck.  In her room we were assigned spelling lists
Come back in time with me to the middle of World War II, where I was growing up safely (one
Christina Figueres, who is the architect of the Paris Climate Accord, says the way to get big things done is
The way I remember my friend Esther Broner telling us the story, she was on a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai
One happy summer day, years ago now, I went blueberry picking with my eleven year old grandson.  He was all
Conversations with my daughter Lorien this summer led me to my latest flight into the stratosphere in an column:
When I looked out of my bedroom window to see what was making that strange noise both the yard and
I have always assumed that human evolution was brutal, a matter of the survival of the fittest, with only the
I never had a visitor to my river cabin who left the same person who arrived.   Whatever their delight -
So, with all this fuss about Artificial Intelligence, I went to the horse's mouth. ChatGPT, it turns out, lurks in
After a long, dry stretch in a particularly reserved (okay, anally retentive) academic department where I felt that my humanity
It isn't that I have anything personal against the young couple whose parents erected a huge house for them right
Since 2016, those of us who love justice and fairness have been floundering in a gloom-inducing mire of injustice and
I have always assumed that we human beings have evolved as far as we can go, that our neo-cortexes are
Like a lot of my friends, I read newspapers and magazines and listen to TV a lot, and I find