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So, with all this fuss about Artificial Intelligence, I went to the horse's mouth. ChatGPT, it turns out, lurks in
After a long, dry stretch in a particularly reserved (okay, anally retentive) academic department where I felt that my humanity
It isn't that I have anything personal against the young couple whose parents erected a huge house for them right
Since 2016, those of us who love justice and fairness have been floundering in a gloom-inducing mire of injustice and
I have always assumed that we human beings have evolved as far as we can go, that our neo-cortexes are
Like a lot of my friends, I read newspapers and magazines and listen to TV a lot, and I find
I belong to a little group of friends who meet every month to check in with each other’s lives and
What is going on in that "Socrates Cafe© "on the second floor of the library every third Sunday afternoon? Since
Here's a little bit of light in our darkness, with wishes for tranquility at Holiday time for all of my
When we look at the new Congress we see little possibility of meaningful legislation, given the very thin margin between
I am usually positive and forward-looking about the political scene in America; even in the worst of the Trump years
Review of Ward Farnsworth, The Socratic Method: A Practitioner’s Handbook.  Boston: Godine, 2021 It is not very popular to be
In this world full of ponderous pundits and people who take everything far too seriously, have you noticed how relieved
Here's Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer celebrating one of the many pieces of Democratic Party legislation that have gone through
What did I do this summer? Although I was determined to lollygag as much as possible, Washington went into high
A Review of Michael Schur, How to be Perfec: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question. New York: Simon and
It is so hard to pick up my newspaper in the morning and read nothing but horror stories! Here is
Have you heard about courts endowing nature entities like rivers, wetlands, and even rice as "persons" with inherent rights? I
The tight little Snowdrop buds poking on stalwart green stems through the hard-packed snow tell me that spring is arriving,
DEAR SOCRATIANS For many years, I have been facilitating a Socrates Café © at our local library, where people ask