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Do You Live in a World of Greed but Long for a World of Good?

I have always longed for a world where people are as interested in each other’s good as their own. I have always lived in a world where people are more interested in competing for profit and status than in each other’s well-being.

Now we are on the brink of a planetary tragedy. We have exploited too many natural resources and caused too much carbon buildup for nature to sustain us anymore.

Nevertheless, we are trying! In my columns I not only chronicle threats to the common good but also ways to achieve it. I deplore our environmental misdeeds, but take hope in the many ingenious solutions we have come up with to save our beloved planet.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. I have also written Eco-Fiction in my hope that story-telling can engage our hearts in the worlds we seek.  I invite you to join Clare and William, Bethany and Ben in their quest through moor and meadow, marsh and mere and through a harsh world changing under their feet. In my Infinite Games series the world they long for, where they have sustained themselves contentedly for time out of mind, has been shattered by greedy corporate interests.  Yet the Marshlanders have a plan…

My environmental journalism and my Eco-Fiction are my vision, my passion, and my legacy.  I invite you to read my articles here, and sample chapters of The Infinite Games here. You can buy The Marshlanders here, Fly Out of the Darkness here, and The Road to Beaver Mill here. The Battle for the Black Fen (the last volume) is out of print, but if you have read through the whole series to that point and are agog to find out how it all ends, contact me at and I will send you an early edition.

Here is my blog, written for people interested in saving ourselves through laughter, in environmental philosophy, and the way that political sausage is actually made.

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You can also read two chapters from my  memoir: The Peripatetic Papers here and here.