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“It was the kind of night they had been waiting for-clear, and with a high wind. A gale roared across a pitch black sky pricked with stars. Bethany was mounted on Peredur. Emma, with eight-year old Ben clinging to her waist, rode Branwyn. As they trotted across the cliff, Bethany checked the wings, made of leather and willow and gull feathers, strapped along her pony’s sides. Wing straps in her left hand, reins in her right, she kept five yards between her pony and Branwyn. They needed to be close, but not too close, when they soared over the ocean.”

Please join me as we travel with Bethany and Ben, Clare and William, through a harsh world changing under their feet.  The world they long for, where they have sustained themselves contentedly for time out of mind, has been shattered by greedy corporate interests.  Yet the Marshlanders have a plan…

You can read sample chapters here, you can buy The Marshlanders here, Fly Out of the Darkness here, The Road to Beaver Mill here, and The Battle for the Black Fen here.

Here is my blog, written for people interested in folklore, games and dances, environmental philosophy, and the early modern history that I adapt in my Eco-fiction novels series, Infinite Games.

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Why I wrote the Infinite Games series

I long for a world where “the greater good” matters more than selfish individuality.

Yet I have always lived in a world where profit and status rule.

I invite you to share in my quest through moor and meadow,  marsh and mere, for the worlds we long for.  I have chosen fiction to express my hope that our lovely planet can survive because I believe that story-telling engages our hearts  in the truths we seek.

Infinite Games is a four-novel series about Marshlanders who seek harmony with the earth and each other.  Marshlanders are creatively practical: always looking for new ideas about farming, irrigation, navigating, foraging, and weaving.  Their enemies want to drain their wetlands for exploitation and profit: they pursue technology out of greed, and govern by male domination and military force.  Infinite Games is the story of the Marshlanders’ struggle to create  communities in harmony with nature.

The four novels in my series—The Marshlanders, Fly Out of the Darkness, The Road to Beaver Mill, and The Battle for the Black Fen—are works of speculative fiction in a real-world setting, and are written for adults and young adults.

I got the idea of Infinite Games from James P. Carse’s conviction we need to stop playing the game of life as if there were only finite outcomes. Our world, he writes, “is imperiled by such finite outcomes—that is, by the victory of some players and the defeat of others.”

th_children_playingThe rules of an infinite game,” he explains, “are changed to prevent anyone from winning the game and to bring as many persons as possible into the play.”

This is my vision, and my passion, and I invite you to read along (agents and publishers, you can find my bio here, more about the Infinite Game series here, and about The Peripatetic Papers here)

Dear readers, I look forward so much to the chance to “meet” you, inside the exciting world of the Marshlanders.